Adventures In Charleston, Inc. is proud of its reputation for outstanding destination management services. For over 30 years, Jim Simpson and the staff of Adventures In Charleston, Inc. have provided the very finest in tour, travel and catering services to companies and organizations from around the country. We are pleased to offer the following excerpts from client letters, and look forward to providing you and your group the same excellent service we've offered to previous clients:

". . . Jim Simpson was involved in all stages of the planning and, in fact, did much of it. His willingness to accommodate the needs of our group and his personal intense desire to see our conference successful impressed all of us that had the privilege to actively work with him. . . " - Thomas E. Phelps
Chairman, Young Presidents Organization
Central Area Conference
". . . If the best measure of success is unsolicited praise from those hosted, please consider the following direct quotes extracted from the large volume of thank you mail we received from our members. . . "

"- From the first glisten of the silver spoon coming out of its blue bag to the breakfast buffet after that unforgettable service at St. Philip's, you all couldn't have done better.

- This was the best ever (including Paris in '74!

- The spiritual singers on Saturday, the flowers distributed to each lady Saturday night, the exquisite flower [arrangements] for each function, the Citadel Cadets, the availability of so many homes each with a tour guide, etc. These were the extra details on top of the elegant parties and perfectly executed scheduling.

- As one who has attended five triennials and acted as Co-Chair of one, I congratulate you and your committee members on the best triennial [my wife] and I have ever attended."

"Jim, our final results were far from happenstance, coming from a truly impressive sustained team effort over a prolonged period of time. One of the very best decisions our Triennial Committee made during the three years of seemingly endless decisions was to call upon [Adventures In Charleston, Inc.]. Your quiet but positive leadership proved [to be] the glue that held the whole series of events together. . . "-- J. Walker Coleman III
The Society of the Cincinnati
South Carolina Society of the Cincinnati Triennial
". . . Thank you for your help with the NationsBank Fund Board of Directors' Trip. Each event was well-planned. The transportation was always on time, the activities were entertaining, and the dinners were elegant. Your attention to detail made each event memorable!. . . "-- Claire Barnhardt
Meeting Planner
Charlotte, NC
NationsBank Fund Board of Directors Trip
". . . We have worked with numerous destination management companies in the past, both internal and external of our meeting location, and we can honestly say that you are the best we've ever worked with. You were on top of everything, every step of the way. Your attention to detail, your problem-solving abilities, creativity, and your true and vast knowledge of the Charleston area certainly make you a top-notch planner! . . . "-- Dawn Stockman & Adriene Amandio
McKinsey & Company, Chicago, IL
". . . I called countless times in the past few months and you answered each request promptly and cheerfully. From ground transportation to recreational activities, you and the other companies with which you worked handled our needs thoroughly and professionally . . . "-- Maria Argyropoulos
Assistant Marketing Manager
Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group
Chicago, I
". . . You and your staff are to be commended for your tireless efficiency and cooperation. It was deeply appreciated. All of the parties were great, but I do believe the M.A.S.H. [themed event] far exceeded anyone's expectations and certainly was memorable! It was FANTASTIC! . . . "
-- Ronald Krueger
Wehrenberg Theatres
St. Louis, MO
Young President's Organization
". . . Thanks to your professional and effective organization of the facilities, meals, transportation et. al, the meeting was a success . . . "-- David S. Browning
Secretary and General Counsel
Schlumberger Limited
New York, NY
". . . I was most impressed with the rapport you have established with your local suppliers and off-site venues. Excellent working relationships! . . . "-- Lori Stopperan
Business Incentives, Travel
Minneapolis, MN
". . . I, personally, want to thank you for your attention to detail and your prompt, professional response to any request . . . "-- Deana K. Blackwood
Assistant to the Director
National Conference of State Legislators
Denver, CO
". . . The success of our meeting was due in large part to the excellent service and assistance you provided. All events arranged by Adventures In Charleston, Inc. were flawlessly executed . . . "-- Virginia Everhart
Director of Conferences and Seminars
Kemper Sales Company
Chicago, IL